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Need Books? Max Book Search, unincorporated is at your service.
Tired of paying too much for shipping?

Want to get books but don't want to pay separate shipping on each of them to, Amazon or ABEbooks sellers? Send me your "wanted" lists and I will try to get as much as possible in single shipment or treat it as such.

I work on either preagreed pricing basis or cost-plus 20% or US$0.5 per book - whichever greater (no commission on shipping/handling, and I will charge only actual postage).
Generally for non-rare paperbacks my cost will be roughly 55% of cover price. Hardcovers vary.
Payment methods:
I accept credit cards via PayPal, US$, US$ drawn checks and money orders.
For large amounts and if the customer is adverse to using PayPal I can arrange for direct credit card payments.

If you prepay estimated by yourself cost of your purchase,or just make payment(s) to create positive balance on your account, you may take a 5% discount.
In the event that the estimate was too low the credit applicable towards the purchase would be increased by 4%.
If you overpay, you may elect to keep a credit with us, or we will refund the difference by check or PayPal.

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Gift Certificates available (electronic form only, can be addressed to third person or transferred to a third person after notifying Max Book Search).


ICQ: 123128881
AIM (AOL Instant Messenger): maximpbar
Fax: 1-760-2817122
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Please note: I cannot guarantee the purchase until after I had collected the payment from you. Usually it will take 2-3 days after the payment had been collected.